CPPAYSCN Customer Order Processing Payment History Report

Payment History Report



Application Overview


This report presents data from the COP payment history file.  You can print the report for one to five users or for all users, give starting and ending dates (the default is the system date), subtotal by date, print one to five workstations or all workstations, subtotal by workstation, select one to five payment types, give starting and ending times, select one or all payment source, print a subtotal and grand total, a grand total only or no total and you can select a document source of orders and open payments, open payments only or all payments.



Run Instructions


From the COP Menu, select Reports and Payment History Report.





After you have completed the required information in the above window, you will be prompted if you want to Print to hardcopy, print to Screen, save to Disk, Defer, or Email.



Partial Report View











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