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Feature - Customer Highest Balance YTD, Last Year, and Year Before Last Year

Release Date - 4/26/16

The purpose of this feature is to track the customer highest balance YTD, Last Year and Year Before Last Year. This information can be used when applying for credit insurance. Currently only the customer's highest balance is tracked in the customer file. When clearing customer YTD accumulators, this historical data will be rolled over. The highest balance YTD will be rolled over to the highest balance last year. The highest balance last year will be rolled over to the highest balance the year before last and the highest balance YTD will be cleared out. These three new fields will be tracked in the attribute HIGHESTBALANCE.

To implement this feature, go to Util-Setup-> System File Maintenance-> Maintenance-> Attribute File. Add the following attribute as shown below:

Next, go to  Util-Setup-> System File Maintenance-> Maintenance-> Attribute Enhancement. Add the following Attribute Enhancement:

The existence of the HIGHESTBALANCE attribute enables the enhancement.

It is recommended that you perform an initial load of the data. This can be done by using Util-Setup-> Export Processor. Select Customers and then select Process.

Select Get Records. Once all of the records are retrieved, click on Export.

Chose Customers-> Customer Fields and select the cus_no and cus_balance fields. Specify where the data should be exported.

If you want to export only customer balances that are greater than zero, click on the Selection tab and set up the following condition:

Click on the Export tab and click the Export button. This will export the records to the CSV file specified on the export screen.

Copy the file to the same file name with the extension txt. Bring up the file in Excel. While importing the data in the Import Wizard, make sure that the Customer Number column data format is Text. 

The data will be shown in columns A (Customer Number) and B (Customer Balance).  Insert columns B through J so that the customer number is in Column A and the Customer Balance is in Column J. It should match the format shown below.

Save the file as a CSV file. To import the data go to Util-Setup-> System File Maintenance-> Import-> Attribute Import.

Answer the prompts and import the data. 

The attribute information can be viewed anywhere in the system where customer attributes are available. 

Every time the customer balance is updated, the system will check if the current customer balance is greater than the Highest Balance YTD. If it is, the system will update the amount in the attribute.


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