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CPQCMMNT Customer Order Processing Quotation Comment Maintenance

Quotation Comment Maintenance

Application Overview


Quotation comments are used in Stock Status Inquiries and Sales Desk Quotation.  They are mainly for used historical sales analysis purposes to record the reasons why you don’t get a sale from a quote. 

Run Instructions


From COP Maintenance menu, select Quotation Comment File.


·    Select the desired mode from the Sales History Period menu bar.


·    If you have previously entered data into this file, it will be displayed on the screen for your reference or modification.  Otherwise, the entry fields will be blank and you will be able to enter the data.



·    When you have finished entering or modifying this data, press RETURN in response to Field Number ?.  The data you have entered will be written out to the Quotation Comment file, and you will be returned to the menu bar.


If you have not previously entered data into this file and you want to leave this application without writing out any data, press the ESC key to return to the menu bar.
























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