Feature - BOMP Work Order Entry - F3=Copy COP Ord Function Improvement

Release Date - 5/4/16

In BOMP -> Processing -> Production Order Entry, you can choose to create a Plus, Material or Legacy Work Order. This improvement is only applicable to Plus and Material Work orders. When adding a production work order, users can press F3=Copy COP Ord at the Item No. field. After entering the COP order number, any line items for the order that are eligible to be copied to the production work order are shown. This feature adds additional information to the screen so that the user can decide if the order can just be shipped from stock without producing it, or if there is enough component quantity on hand to produce the item.

Two new fields have been added to this window.

Promise date is either the line item promise or request date depending on Global Setup-> COP-Func-> Order Line Item Screen-> 3. Use Promise Or Cancel Date On Line Item Scrn ? 

If the option is set to P, the line item promise date is shown. If the option is set to C, the line item request date is shown.

The second new field is Component Quantity.  CompQty means how many parents can be produced based on the availability of the components.  The application will look at each component's quantity available (quantity on hand – quantity allocated) for the order location and then determine the maximum number of parents that can be produced based on quantity per parent. The components can be defined in (a) BOMP Product Structure; (b) if the line item has been customized, for material work order, it is stored in CPORDOPT. For a Plus Work Order, it is stored in CPORDMTL. If a component is non-stocked with its own components, the component availability will be determined by examining the quantity available of the lower level components.


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