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EL800RV Elliott V8 Report Viewer

Report Viewer


Elliott Report Viewer is a Notepad-like program for viewing Elliott report files while providing additional Elliott functionality.  Using Report Viewer, you can:

  • Email the report
  • Print the report
  • Save the report to Spooled Reports

 By design, there is no ability to edit these files – this tool is for viewing files only.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Use the following keystrokes in addition to normal text-editing keystrokes:





Open new file…


Save to Spooled Reports




Copy to clipboard


Decrease font size and make window smaller


Increase font size and make window bigger


Initiates Find dialog to locate a string of text in the report


Initiate the Go to page dialog to specify the desired page


Position to the top of the previous page


Position to the top of the next page




ToolBar Actions

Open File… (Ctrl+O)

This provides a standard File Open dialog you can use to view a different report from the current one.

Save to Spooled Reports (Ctrl+S)

If this program was launched from running a report to the screen in Elliott, you can use this option to save the report in the spooled reports folder.  If this program was not launched from the print-to-screen option in Elliott, this ToolBar button will not be displayed.

Save As…

This provides a standard File Save dialog you can use to save the current report to a new location. 

Go to next Elliott process:  Press this button or F9 to go to the next open Elliott process on your computer.


This provides the ability to email the report, using Elliott email functionality.

Print…  (Ctrl+P)

This provides the ability to use the Elliott printing function to print the report to one or more specified printers.

Mark a Rectangle to Copy

After you click this button, you can use your left mouse button to draw a rectangle on the screen.  When you release the mouse button after drawing the rectangle, you can copy the contents of the rectangle to the clipboard.  Note:  You can also use the right mouse button to do the same thing without clicking this button.

Copy to Clipboard (Ctrl+C)

If some characters are highlighted in the text area, or you have drawn a rectangle around some text, you can use this button to copy the specified text to the clipboard for use in another program.

Change Font…

Click on this area to start a standard Font dialog to change the font of the report on the screen.  Only fixed-pitch (non-proportional) fonts will be shown.  After you select a font, the screen will be resized to attempt to fit the width of the report.

Increase Font Size (Ctrl+B)

Click this button to use the next bigger point size in the current font family.

Decrease Font Size (Ctrl+S)

Click this button to use the next smaller point size in the current font family.

Find Text (Ctrl+F)

Type a string you wish to find in the report.

  • Press the Enter key, or press the Find next button, to find the next occurrence of the string.
  • Press the Shift+Enter key, or press the Find previous button, to find the previous occurrence of the string.

Go to Page (Ctrl+G)

Type a page number and press the Enter key to go to that page in the report.

Previous Page (Ctrl+PageUp)

Press this button to go to the top of the previous page.

Next Page (Ctrl+PageDown)

Press this button to go to the top of the next page.

Help (Shift-F1)

This displays the help document for Spooled Reports Manager.


Screen Location, Size and Font

When a file is opened, the program will try to use an optimal window size as follows:

  1. If the column width of this report matches approximately the width of a previously viewed report, the previous font and window height, width and location will be used.
  2. If there is no approximate match to a previously viewed file, the program will make an educated guess at the necessary width and height for best viewing of the report, using a standard font.

If you adjust the size or location of this program’s window, or change the font, that information will be saved for potential matching to future reports of the same approximate width.


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