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Feature - Component Qty Calculation Options In F3 Copy Function in BOMP WO Entry

Release Date - 06/08/16

The feature will allow the user to choose how the maximum number of parent that can be produced and calculated. A  new option has been added to Util-Setup-> Global Setup-> Dist-> BOMP Global Setup-> 93. Which CompQty in WO Entry F3 Copy Frm COP by Ord# Win?

The possible values are A=Qty Avail, E=Excess Qty, O=Qty OH. A=Qty Avail is the default. This new option gives the user flexibility in determining how to calculate the Component Quantity. The standard Qty Avail is the long-term availability calculated as quantity on hand - quantity allocated.. Excess Qty is the short-term quantity available. It is calculated as item quantity on hand - quantity allocated + quantity on back order.  On-Hand is the Qty Available ignoring allocations from other orders which may be needed to ship or produce shortly.

The selection of the option will change the quantity that is shown on the F3 Copy screen when adding a production order. The label on the screen is shown below: 

A new heading indicated which setting was chosen.

There is also a new F2 option to drill down to the Component Availability Inquiry for the parent item highlighted. 

The component quantities shown are based on the order quantity from the highlighted parent item.

Programs Added: GENSRCHO.PL

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