IMHLTMNT Inventory Management Hold Transaction Fill Maintenance

Hold Transaction File Maintenance


Application Overview

 This feature allows a user or salesman to reserve, (allocate), items without having to enter an order. 

Before this feature can be used, it must be defined (setup) in Global Setup System first. 


Run Instructions

 I/M Main Menu Ò Maintenance Ò Hold Transaction File


Hold Transaction Entry Screen

Standard Options Available


  • Add
  • Change
  • Delete
  • List
  • Purge

 When an item is put on hold, the system will allocate the quantity put on hold.  This hold quantity will appear as allocated when doing stock status inquiries, reports, entering orders, etc.  The expiration date serves as a flag for purging and does not automatically de-allocated the quantity.  It is crucial that the purge process be run daily to reflect accurate Qty. Available information.  This purge function should be set up as a daily-deferred process to eliminate the purge maintenance requirement.


Entry Field Descriptions

1.  Name: Hold Transaction ID

Description: F1 to default to next ID. This is the identifier for Change, Delete, Purge, and reporting purposes.

2. Name: Hold Location

Description: Enter the stocking location for item to be put on hold

3. Name: Hold Item Number

Description: Enter item number

4. Name: Hold Serial-Lot Number

Description: Enter serial-lot number if applicable

5. Name: Hold Type

Description: USR = User Allocation; SLM = Salesman Allocation

6. Name: Hold User ID

Description: ID for person putting item on hold

7. Name: Hold Transaction Quantity

Description: Quantity to be held

8. Name: Hold Transaction Date

Description: Basically the start date

9. Name: Hold Expiration Date

Description: Defaults to the value in setup, but can be overridden

10. Name: Hold Description

Description: 30-character field describing why item is being held

11.  Name: Hold Email Address

Description: Defaults to User ID email address, and this user will be notified via email when expiration date occurs





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