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NOTEUPDT Elliott V8.0 Continuous Notes Enhancement for V8.0

Continuous Notes Enhancement for v8.0

New Capabilities

The Notes functionality in Elliott version 8.0 has been enhanced to allow for continuous, free-format notes.  The following capabilities have been added:

  • Continuous content:  You will be able to scroll the entire content of the note on a single screen regardless of how many physical records are required to store the note content.
  • Word wrap:  Text can be typed continuously and the content automatically will be split between lines based on word boundaries.  You also will be able to insert and delete text on an existing line and have the current and following lines reformat on word boundaries.
  • Cut-and-paste:  You will be able to use the normal text cut and paste operations (and Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X and Ctrl-V keystrokes) that you use in all your other computer applications.
  • Undo:  A single level of Undo is supported.
  • Change to paragraph:  A note created in Elliott v7.5 will have a CR/LF at the end of each line.  You can select any sized portion of such a note and use the Change to paragraph option to remove the CR/LF pairs and allow the text to word wrap from line to line.
  • Find-and-replace:  You can search for and optionally replace strings in continuous notes.
  • Note copy functionality:  In addition to creating new notes from other notes, you now can append the content of other notes onto a continuous note.
  • Customizable Notes list:  The Notes list window has been enhanced with the following new capabilities:
    • The window is resizable, allowing for more columns and more rows of information.
    • The columns displayed are configurable, allowing you to choose which columns will be displayed and how wide each column will be.
    • The Subject column has been expanded to include the first page of content of the note.  Hovering the mouse over a row in the Subject/Content column provides a popup preview of the content of the note without having to drill down to the note itself.


  • Note types with labels:  Notes that are assigned to Note Types that have predefined labels will continue to use the current record-per-page method for viewing and editing the note.  Once a note has text, its note-type cannot be changed from a continuous to a record-per-page note and vice versa.  Also, the content of record-per-page notes cannot be appended automatically onto a continuous note.
  • Ticklers:  Notes that are also Ticklers will continue to use the current record-per-page method for viewing and editing the note.  Continuous notes that contain more than 10 lines cannot be changed to Ticklers.

Compatibility with Elliott v7.5

Notes created in either version of Elliott (v7.5 and v8.0) can be viewed and edited using the other version.  In v7.5, the current single-line, single-record method is used, and in v8.0 the enhanced method is used for non-Tickler, non-labeled notes.  There is one restriction:  when using v7.5 to edit a v8.0 multi-record note, you are not allowed to insert or delete a line if the note is continued on another record (because it would not adjust the following record(s) properly).  You should use v8.0 if you need to insert or delete a line in a multi-record note.

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