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How to Add Items to The "Most Used" Folder in Elliott 8.0

A - In Elliott V8.0, there's a "Most Used" folder.  We are using that as a "My Favorite" folder.  However, we find it confusing as to how many times I use a task before it gets added to the "Most Used" folder.  Is there any way to just cut and paste an item there quickly?

Q - V8 has a proprietary algorithm to determine the “most used.” The formula is based on number of times + in the last so many days.

Generally speaking, if you wish to have a “My Favorite” category, you wouldn’t use the “Most Used” folder. Instead, I would suggest that you to right click on the company node on the left side pane, and choose “Add New Group.”  Name the new folder somthing like “Edward" or anything you like.  Then just drag and drop your favorite menu items on the right to this “Edward” folder. In the future, you can just go to this “Edward” folder to find your day-to-day commonly used menu items.  See sample screen below:

If you login to Elliott user as "SUPERVISOR," then the custom group (My Favorites) you created will be seen by all other Elliott users.  See the following Knowledge Base article URL for more information:


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