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Plus Work Order Transaction Can't Post

Q: We have a Work Order showing the status as "Partial Rprt (100% complete)" but is not posted to show Complete. The pending transaction shows "Error: Exists Other Unposted Transaction" on both the Edit List and Post Journal. In Review the Order Inquiry, all operations reported properly. Can we force the system to complete the order?

A: Yes. The system provides an "Override Post for Exception" way to accomplish the order.   
1. You should be a high-level-permission operator.

2. At Production Transaction change mode, go to field # 5 "QTY Complete." You will see the
option  F5 (Override Post Excp). Hit F5 to override it.

 After that, press F5. Then, when you see the message below “Are You Sure To Proceed,” answer “Y.”

 Answer “Y’ to confirm that you want to “Override Posting Exception.”

After posting, you will see that the order status is marked “Complete.”


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