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Recursion Error When Drill Down to Item File Inquiry

Q - In Item File Maintenance, if I choose F7/F8 to search an item, then press F4=Detail in the Item Search screen and choose "Item File Inquiry,"  I receive the following error message:
        Drill down not allowed -- it would cause a recursion error for IM0101.
See sample screen below.  What does the "recursion error" mean?

A - In Elliott's programming architecture, it calls upon a series of program modules to perform its task.  In this case, IM0101 is the program module for Item File Maintenance and Inquiry.  In the above example, you are already in Item File Maintenance (IM0101), then you are bringing up an item search window and trying to call up Item File Inquiry again, which is also IM0101.  The condition of calling upon the same program module (i.e., IM0101) in the same processing stack is called recursion

Most of the Elliott program modules do not allow recursion calls.  Therefore, you receive the "recursion error" message.  In the past, recursion calls crashed Elliott.  Now, we have improved the recursion call handling.  Instead of crashing Elliott, we are giving you a friendly warning message and stopping the crash from happening.

You may wonder why we provide the function of "Item File Inquiry" from the item search window. The reason is because the item search window (F7/F8 Item Search) can be accessed from many areas in Elliott. For example, if you go to the Item Stock Status Inquiry screen, use F7/F8 to search item, then press F4 to drill down to item file inquiry, you will not experience the "recursion error."

As a long-term solution, you should upgrade to Elliott V8 or a higher version.  In Elliott V8 and after, whenever a recursion error is about to happen, instead of giving you the "recursion error" message, Elliott automatically launches another session to bypass the "recursion" limitation.

As a short-term solution, you should not drill down to Item File Inquiry from Item File Maintenance or Inquiry to avoid the recursion error.


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