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Feature - Scheduling ACH Payments

Release Date - 06/15/16

The purpose of the feature is to allow users to schedule ACH payments to be processed for future posting dates. The scheduled ACH payment is simply a cash receipt batch with ID in the YYYYMMDD format. The YYYYMMDD batch ID format is hardcoded so users should avoid using it unless they intend to schedule ACH payments in the future. The scheduled payment in the batch will be posted on MM/DD/YYYY date through deferred processing in Elliott.

The Cash Receipt Processing batch window has a new option on the batch ID field. This option is only available if the user has A/R ACH Processing enabled in Global Setup:

If the user wants to schedule the ACH payment to post on a future date, enter that date in the YYYYMMDD format as the batch ID.

Once this is entered, the payment type will default to AC for ACH. The payment type cannot be edited if the batch ID is entered in this date format. The field Sched Post Date will default to the  date indicated by the batch ID.

The Scheduled Post Date will become the payment receipt date when adding the transaction. If the user attempts to change the receipt date to a date other than the batch scheduled post date, the user will receive the following error message:

The Cash Receipt Posting application will also check the batch ID. If A/R ACH Processing is enabled and the batch ID is in the date format, the batch will not post until the batch date is less than or equal to the system date. For example, If the scheduled post date is 6/18/16 and today's date is 6/15/16, the batch will not post and it will remain on file.

Customer Account Inquiry and Customer Account Summary have been changed to show the pending payments that are on file.

If there are pending payments on file in Cash Receipts Processing, an asterisk is displayed on the right-hand side of the document type. When the asterisk is displayed, a new F2=Payment option is available.

Pressing the F2 key will display information about the pending payment, such as the batch ID, cash receipt date, amount and the reference. This screen will display up to five pending payments for the document number selected.


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