Feature - Create Price Code 1 from Item Minimum Price Utility

Release Date: 6/15/2016

This feature gives the user the ability to generate and update price code 1 based on the minimum price field in the Item Master file. The new utility is accessed thru I/M -> Maintenance -> Product Category File.  

The purpose behind this utility is to allow you to give your best price (item minimum price) to a certain number of your customers by product category. This maybe due to these customers achieving the certain purchasing volume for that product category.  Since you won't give this price to other customers, the general method in Elliott is to set up price code 1, which is by customer and item number. Setting up price code 1 is tedious.  In addition, the maintenance effort is huge when the best price (item minimum price) is changed. That is the reason behind this utility.  If the item minimum price is also your best price, then you can consider using this utility to help you create and update the price code 1 in an efficient way. 

Setup starts by setting up customers that are associated with a Product Category.  A new field, Define Min Prc Customer, has been added to this application.   Default value for this field is “N.” Entering "Y" will cause another window to appear that allows entry of a list of Customer numbers.

There’s no limit to the number of customers that can be entered in this window. To add a customer, press the “Insert” key.  A small window will appear where the user will enter the customer number and F7/F8 search is allowed.  Once a valid customer is entered, the customer name is displayed.  To delete a customer from the list, press the “Delete” key. 

After setting up customers related to the Product Category, select  I/M -> Maintenance -> Product Category File-> Update Price Codes. Enter the Product Category to process. While running the update, a report will be created showing all records Added (a new price code was created for the customer using minimum price), Deleted (the minimum price is now zero), Updated (the minimum price has changed), and Skipped (the minimum price has not changed).  The Deleted, Updated and Skipped actions only apply to records created by this utility. 

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