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Error Invoking Macro - Cannot Install Hook

Q - On my old terminal server, when I go to a customer file and bring up a customer, I can run an external macro by sending certain customer information to an existing document in Word Pad. This function is no longer working after I switched to a new terminal server that is Windows 2008 R2.

I received the following error message:
    Error in Macro-APP-CONTROL - call to AppControl
    A-6: Error sending keystrokes to app
    Cannot Install Hook
See sample screen below:

A - In short, to resolve this problem, you need to disable the UAC (User Account Control), which is a feature turned on by default beginning with Windows Vista.

The Elliott external macro feature is implemented through the use Windows Hooks WH_JOURNALPLAYBACK function to send keystrokes from Elliott to another application. This function does not work when UAC is enabled.

To disable UAC, search UAC from your computer. You will see the application "Change User Account Settings" show up.  Run the application and you will see a sample screen like the one below:

You will need to change the slide bar to "Never notify" to disable UAC.  Then click "OK" to save.  The change you make applies to this machine only. 


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