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How to Print A/R Aging Report by Salesman

Q -  How can we print an AR Aging Report by Salesperson? The sale isn't complete till paid!! We need an AR report to give to the Sales Group as they usually prefer to contact their clients -- some relationships are tricky. The current AR report just needs to be modified to use customer field #21 as an option "by Salesperson." I think this report would help all collect their AR most efficiently. 

AIn your situation, I would suggest you use A/R Aging Report by Collector. Since most of our users do not have multiple collectors, we can be innovative. To do this, go to Customer File maintenance and make all your customers' collector fields the same as the salesman. Then the A/R Aging Report by Collector is the same as by salesman. Unfortunately, there is no utility to change all your collectors to be the same as your salesmen. We could help you to do a mass update through the PSQL back end. Don't do this yourself. Just call us, if you don't want to manually change customer collectors yourself. In the future, you need to adopt a new procedure when adding customers, or change the customer's salesman and ensure the collector is equal to the salesman.

If the above procedure is too much for you, another alternative is to use the A/R Expanded Aging Report which can exported to a CSV file. the Salesman column is part of the CSV file. Therefore, you can bring up this CSV file in Excel, and sort by salesman (then, customer, apply-to# and doc-date). This will be equivalent to the A/R Aging Report by Salesman in the spreadsheet format.


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