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Feature - Record Navigation in Attribute Window

Release date: 6/21/2016

While viewing or updating an Attribute, you now have the ability to navigate among existing Attributes for the same master record.

The navigation buttons are highlighted in red above.  They navigate as follows, with corresponding shortcut keystrokes, from left to right:

First record - Ctrl+PgUp
Previous record - PgUp
Next record - PgDn
Last record - Ctrl+PgDn

Note:  If you start to modify a record, then navigate to a different record, your changes will be lost.  So be sure to press OK if you want to save any changes you make to an Attribute record.  The parent list window highlight may or may not change as you navigate in the attribute child detail window.  This behavior depends on whether you choose to launch attribute window as a separate process or not.

Modified programs: SYTABATR, SYATRUPD

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