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Error Connecting VPN from Windows 10 to Windows 2008 Server

Q - I recently upgraded my machine to Windows 10.  When I tried to connect VPN to my office VPN server, which resides on a Windows 2008 server, it does not work.  I receive the following error message:

    The remote connection was denied because the user
    name and password combination you provided is not
    recognized, or the selected authentication protocol is not
    permitted on the remote access server.

See attached sample screen below:

This worked with my older Windows OS workstation like Windows 7.  So the issue seems to be the setting of VPN on my Windows 10 machine.

A - Assuming this problem is due to the fact that you are using an older protocol when setting up your Windows 2008 VPN server, then you need to open up the VPN configuration on your Windows 10 machine through the class control panel to change the protocol.  You can do that by choosing "Change Adapter Options."  See sample screen below:

The following class control panel for Network Connections will show up. Right click on the VPN connection and choose "Properties" in the popup menu:

In the VPN Properties window, choose "Security Tab." Then choose "Allow these protocols" and check "Microsoft CHAP Version 2(MS-CHAP v2)."


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