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Feature - Support AR (Attribute) Type in Reorder Advice User Defined CSV Export

Release Date: 6/29/2016

In this enhancement, we added support for a new Type AR (Attribute) to the Reorder Advice User-Defined CSV export.  Any Attribute attached to the Item Master can now be included on the exported CSV file.

In I/M -> Reports -> Reordering Advice Reports -> Maintence -> User Defined CSV Layout, you can now add a new Attribute column type by entering "AR" in the Type field.  After pressing Enter, the system will prompt for a valid Attribute code.  You can optionally press the F7 key to search. See sample screen below:

When a valid Attribute has been selected, a window will appear that contains all valid field selections as defined under Attribute Master file maintenance.  See sample screen below:

Select the desired Attribute field. The attribute field will be saved but will not show on the screen. A potentially truncated Attribute field description will be moved to the Col Heading for this Column. Save the CSV layout when finished adding columns.

Please note that when running the Custom CSV Export report, the value entered in field 6. Item Has Attribute, will only affect the selection of items for the report.  The columns defined thru the AR Type will not be affected. 

The following is a sample CSV export.  Please note that the value in the Attribute column could be the following:

  • The value that's stored in the corresponding item attribute
  • Blank - if the item does not have such an Attribute, or if  the reference value is blank, or if the date field = 00/00/00 or amount = 0
  • Invalid - if the Attribute Type does not exist (deleted), or if the Attribute no longer has such a field



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