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How to Stop Users from Sending Elliott Reports through Email

Q - I am asked by management to turn off the feature that allows someone to email an Elliott report. I have looked through the Global Security options and can't seem to locate it at that level. Can you let me know how to accomplish that?

A - In Password Setup, you need to go to Global Security, User Global Security, and Change. Enter the person's ID and company, and go to the second screen and find the following field:
2. Allow E-Mail Report Through Printing 
Set this flag to "N" for that user.  Repeat this procedure for all applicable users.  See sample screen below:

If you wish to turn off this feature for everyone by default, then you should go to Password Setup -> Global Security -> Global Default Security, and go to the same area and turn this flag off.  Then by default, all users will not be able to send reports through email unless they have this flag specifically set to "Y."  

To find out if you missed any users with this flag, you can go to Password Setup -> List -> Detail by Function.  See sample screen below.


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