SRCEXREF General Ledger Source Cross Reference Report

Source Cross Reference Report

Application Overview

 The Source Cross Reference Report details all transactions for a specified period by source code.

 Under each source, the G/L account number, description, transaction date, debit and/or credit amount, and reference are listed for each trans­action.

 Source codes are used to allow easy reference to original journals, registers, etc.


 All automatic reversing transactions will be under source code Accrue.  The Source Cross Reference Report will detail all transactions under this code.  This will allow you to easily verify that all entries are properly reversed in the subsequent period.

 All compressed transactions will be under source code COMP (unless the option to compress by source within date, or source within period, was selected for an account, in which case the original sources will be retained).

 If journal history totals are not being used, transactions that were entered automatically using the Interface From Other Packages application will have a source code depending upon the originating package:  ARIN (Accounts Receivable), APIN (Accounts Payable), PRIN (Payroll), JCIN (Job Costing), IMIN (Inventory Maintenance), ADIN and (Assets & Depreciation).

 If journal history totals are being used, the original source journal code will be maintained from each posting and list all transactions under each posting journal.

 Transactions for Balance Sheet accounts resulting from running the Year‑End Procedure application will have the source code

BBF (for balance brought forward).

Run Instructions

 Select Source Cross Reference from the pull down G/L Reports window.  The following screen will then be displayed:



Source Cross Reference Report Entry Screen

 The following options are available:

    • Select the desired mode from the Source Cross Reference menu bar
    • Enter the data requested on the screen

     To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.


    Entry Field Descriptions



    Type and Description

    1.  Starting Date

    A date in the standard date format.  Press the RETURN key to default the starting date to that of the starting date of the current period as defined in the Accounting Period File.

    2.  Ending Date

    A date in the standard date format.  Press the RETURN key to default to the ending date of the current period.

    3.  Starting Source

    10 alphanumeric characters.  Enter the starting range of sources to be included, or press F1 to default to All sources.

    4.  Ending Source

    10 alphanumeric characters.  Enter the ending range of sources to be included in the report.

    5.  Print Sources With                   Descriptions Only?

    Y or N.  If you enter Y, the report will display only those sources that have a corresponding description. 

    If you enter N, the report displays sources regardless of whether they have a corresponding description.





    Source Cross Reference Report


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