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Print Invoices

Application Overview

 The Print Invoices application is used on a routine basis.  Regardless of which billing procedure you implement, you will need to print invoices.


Printing On Laser Forms

 Invoices may be printed on either standard (continuous) forms or laser forms.  To use the default laser form layout, select the Laser option under Reset in the Invoice Form Setup application.  Make sure the Default Invoice Form field (#14) in COP Setup is set to 99.  For more information on invoice formats see the Invoice Form Setup section of this manual.

To actually set the system to print on laser forms, set the Print On Laser Forms field #21 in the COP Setup application to I or B.  For more information, refer to the description for field #48 in the COP Setup section of this manual.


Run Instructions

 Select Print Invoices from the pull down COP Processing window.  The following screen will then be displayed:



Print Invoices Entry Screen


The following options are available:

    • Select the desired mode from the Print Invoices menu bar
    • Enter the data requested on the screen
    • Once you enter the invoice-printing program, you must mount the invoices on the printer.  You may print invoices for all selected orders or for a range of orders.
    • Invoices should be mounted so that the form separation perforations are positioned just above the printer head.  The print pressure should be adjusted for the thickness of the invoice paper and the number of copies.
    • Once you have mounted the invoice form and responded with DONE to the computer's inquiry on the action, you will be asked for the Print options window, then the Print Alignment? question.  If you answer yes to this question, one invoice form will be printed with X's for alignment purposes and the alignment form question will be asked again.
    • If the alignment is okay, answer N to the alignment form question, and you will be asked to enter the actual invoice date to be assigned to orders being billed and printed as invoice documents.  This invoice date becomes the actual billing date used in the Accounts Receivable package.  You are also asked to enter default comments that appear on the bottom of printed invoice documents when specific comments were not entered previously.
    • Once this screen is completed, enter the range of order numbers in the Order file to be printed; all selected orders within this range will be printed.  Pressing the RETURN key for the starting order number will print invoices for all selected orders.  The invoice document number will be assigned to the invoices sequentially, starting with the starting invoice number specified in A/R Setup.  You will also be asked if you wish to Print Duplicate Invoices? or not.
    • After the invoices have been printed, you are asked Are Invoices Just Printed OK?.  If you answer N to this question, then the selected invoices may be corrected if needed and reprinted on a new range selection.  If you answer Y to this question, then these invoices will be flagged as invoiced.  These invoices may be printed again if the print duplicate message question is answered Y.  This is so that, in case of a printer jam or other similar error after a large number of invoices have been printed, some invoices may be reprinted without having to start over from the beginning.
    • You may enter additional ranges to print until you press the ESC or F10 key for the starting order number in the range selection.  You will be asked to insert regular paper on the printer and enter DONE.

    To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.

    Entry Field Descriptions



    Type and Description

    1.  Invoice Date

    A date in the standard date format.

    The date entered here will become the billing date for transactions posted to Accounts Receivable.  It will also print on invoice forms.  You may use today's date by pressing RETURN.

    2.  Default Comments

    3 lines of 35 characters each.

    Enter any comments or text that you wish to appear at the bottom of all invoice forms where there was not a specified comment entered with the original order. 

    These comments default to the default invoice comments that were entered for the previous invoice printing run.

    Starting Order No

    6 numeric digits (999999).

    Enter the first order number within the range you wish to print.  To select all orders, press RETURN.  Default is All.

    Ending Order No

    6 numeric digits (999999).

    Enter the last order number within the range you wish to print.  Press RETURN to default to the starting order number's entry.

    Print Duplicate Invoices ?

    1 alphanumeric character.

    If you answer this question to yes, the invoices previously printed can be reprinted. Default is N.

    Are Invoices Just Printed OK ?

    Y or N.

    If answer is Y, these invoices will be flagged as invoiced.



    Invoice Date and Comments



    Which Orders To Print


    Invoice Form (Not Actual Size) 






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