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Can System Default Item User-Defined Code?

Q - When I add an item, can the system automatically default field "4. User Def Code" to "1"? See sample screen below:

A - Yes, you can do so by first defining an item "DEFAULT-ITEM."  Set the field "4. User Def Code" to "1."  See sample screen below:

Then during adding an item, at field "3. Prod Category", press "F1 = Default Rest Of Item Fields."  See this sample screen below:

This will cause all fields in the item file default to DEFAULT-ITEM value, including "4. User Def Code." If you don't wish to default certain fields in DEFAULT-ITEM, then leave them blank when you set up DEFAULT-ITEM.

By default, all fields in Item Master will default to zeroes or spaces when adding a new item with the exception of the following fields:
  • Mfg Location: Per I/M Setup
  • Unit of Measure: EA.  This apply to stocking, purchasing and selling UOM.
  • Backorderable Flag: Y
  • Taxable Flag: Y
  • Price Apply Flag: N
  • Disc Apply Flag: N
  • Material Cost Type: Per I/M setup
  • Order Multiple: 1
  • Calculate Commission Type: P
  • Serial Lot Flag: N
  • Activity Code: A
  • Stock Flag: Y
  • Control Flag: Y
  • Purchase or Mfg: P
  • Ms Item Flag: N
  • Landed Cost Factor: 1
  • Duty Rate: Per Global Setup for Landed Cost
  • Web Item Flag: N
This default values will happen regardless of whether DEFAULT-ITEM is set up or not.

If you press F1 at "3. Prod Category," then the system will default all fields in DEFAULT-ITEM with the exception of the following:
  • Item Cost Fields: The Item standard cost, last cost and landed cost fields will default to item average cost regardless of the setup in DEFAULT-ITEM.
  • Item Purchase Unit of Measure: This field will default the same as Stocking Unit of Measure regardless of the setup in DEFAULT-ITEM.
  • Item quantity on hand: This field will default to zero if it is a serialized item.
  • Item Controlled Flag: This field will default to "N" if it is a miscellaneous item.
If you don't see the F1 key option at "3. Prod Category," that means DEFAULT-ITEM is not set up.

Please note that Elliott also allows adding new items through the following user interface:
  • Adding New Items Through Style Group Interface
  • Adding New Items Through New Item Import (this includes the ASCII and CSV format import)
Since there's no F1 key in the above user interface, If you add new items through the above user interface, the system will always use the default value in DEFAULT-ITEM when adding a new item.


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