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Instructions to Install Elliott V8 on Top of Elliott V7

Elliott V8 and Elliott V7.5 are compatible at the database level.  When you migrate from Elliott V7.5 to Elliott V8, we recommend that you install Elliott 8 on top of Elliott V7.5.  This way, you can run Elliott V8 and V7.5 side by side until you feel comfortable with Elliott V8, at which point, you can switch all your users to Elliott V8.  This is a very low-risk approach to migrating to Elliott V8 and is our recommended method.

In this document, we assume your existing Elliott V7.5 is installed in the M:\Elliott7 folder.  If it is not, change to the drive letter and path that match your environment. The following is a list of steps you should pay attention to when installing Elliott V8 on top of Elliott V7.5.

Installation Computer

You must install Elliott V8 on the Elliott server (PSQL server) console or through a remote desktop session. Do not install from a workstation. 

Download Files
  • Discuss this with your Netcellent representative, who will provide you a method to download ELLIOTT8.EXE installation package.
  • The same Netcellent representative will send you the necessary registration file (i.e., ELIREG80.DAT and ELIREG80.TXT)
  • Verify your existing Elliott V7 folder by right-clicking on your Elliott V7 icon and selecting Properties (Start In e.g., M:\ELLIOTT7).
  • Launch ELLIOTT8.EXE then change the destination folder from the default of C:\ELLIOTT8 to your V7 folder (e.g., M:\ELLIOTT7).
  • The V8 programs will be installed into a subfolder called BIN (e.g., M:\ELLIOTT7\BIN)
  • Copy the registration files (ELIREG80.DAT & ELIREG80.TXT) into the BIN folder.

To set up Elliott V8, please refer to the document in the link below, starting on page 3.

Update Elliott V7.5 to the Most Current Version

Since you will be running Elliott V7.5 and V8 side by side, you should keep them at the same revision level.  For example, Eliott V7.56.706 and Eliott V8.06.706 are at the same revision level.  Assuming you are installing the latest Elliott V8 on top of Elliott 7.5, then you should install the latest Elliott V7.5 release as well.  Once you switch all users to Elliott V8 and stop using Elliott V7.5, then you don't need to perform this step anymore.  The following are steps to install latest Elliott V7.5 update:
  • Download the latest Elliott V7.5 update package ELI75UP.EXE from this URL:\eli75up.exe. Alternatively, you can also download from the support download area of website.
  • Run the installation from the Elliott server into your current Elliott V7 folder (e.g., M:\Elliott7.)

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