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Feature - Transfer Batch on Material Work Order Inquiry Screen

Release Date - 8/4/16

The purpose of this feature is to show the status of the Inventory Management transfer batch that is associated with a material work order. This enhancement will allow the user to determine if the inventory needed to produce the parent item has been transferred from the warehouse to the production area.

To enable this feature, a new option Util-Setup-> Global Setup-> Dist-> BOMP Global Control-> Screen 6->  1. Show Transfer Info In Material WO Inquiry? has been implemented.

The default for this field is N.

If this option is set to Y, the status of the inventory Management transfer batch that is associated with the material production order will be shown on the Material Production Order Inquiry screen.

The status line shows the transfer batch number associated with the material production order, the user currently assigned to the order, the estimated completion date and time, and the status of the transfer batch. The possible batch statuses are:

  1. NS = New batch and enough stock to transfer
  2. N  = New batch but not enough stock to transfer
  3. PS = Transfer ticket printed and  enough stock to transfer
  4. P = Transfer ticket printed but not enough stock to transfer
  5. R = After assigned “From” and “To” bin before complete
  6. C = Completed but not Posted

If no transfer batch is found for the production work order, or if the transfer batch has been completed and posted, the Material Work Order Inquiry screen will display the message Tsf Batch: Complete or Not Found.

Note: If multiple transfer batches are consolidated into a larger transfer batch, the application will be unable to find the transfer batch associated with the material production order.


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