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I Am Not Able to Archive V7 Reports in V8 Spooled Reports Manager

QI'm not able to archive V7 reports using V8 Spooled Reports Manager. Is this normal? Do I need to go to V7.5 to archive these reports? When I try to drag them to the proper archive folder, I get the "stop" sign symbol.  See sample screen below:

A - When you want to archive V7 spooled reports in V8 Spooled Report Manager, you need to convert the V7 reports to V8 format first. This is how you do it. Add a sub folder (right click on company node “01: Your Company Name”), and choose “Archive.”  Then you can drag V7 folders or reports out of the “V7 Reports” folder to this “Archive” folder. These reports will then be converted to V8 format once you do that.  See sample screen below:

There are many benefits once the V7 spooled reports are converted to V8 format.  This includes the ability to zip them and significantly shrink their size. It also secures the files once in zip format since they are password protected. But once you convert to V8 format, you can't manage them through V7 Spooled Reports Manager anymore.

If you can't convert your V7 spooled reports to V8 format yet (e.g., some of your users are still in V7.5), then you should use V7.5 Spooled Reports Manager to perform the archive.


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