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Feature - WMS Put Away Processing Default Bin to Blank if No Other Inventory in Stock

Release Date 8/11/16

This feature gives the option to check if an item only has inventory located in the Inventory Location file receiving bin. If true, the WMS Put Away Processing application will not suggest a bin to locate the item. The application will leave the to-bin blank and it will force the user to decide where to place the inventory. This will also ensure that the F1 put-away all option cannot be used for that item without the user first populating the to-bin number.

To enable this feature, a new WMS Global Setup option has been added. Go to Util-Setup-> Global Setup-> Add-ons-> Warehouse Management System-> 34. Use Blank Putaway Bin If Item Not In Stock? 

The default value is "N." Once this option is set to "Y," the WMS Put Away Processing application will check to see if there is any inventory in a bin other than that location's receiving bin.

If the item is only stocked in the location receiving bin, the WMS Put Away Processing application will default to the to-bin to blank.

If the flag is set to N, the application will default the to-bin to the default bin number defined in the Item Master if processing a receipt for the item's default location, or the inventory location control default bin number if processing a receipt for a secondary location.


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