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Feature - Restrict Recurring Event for Number of Times for a Specific Reference

Release date: 08/12/2016

This new feature in Elliott v7.5 and v8.1 allows the system to trigger an event until that event has been triggered a specified number of times for any specific reference.  For example, suppose you want to trigger an event whenever a certain item is received, but you only want the event to trigger once per order.  Before this new feature, the event would potentially trigger multiple times per order.

Now, you can restrict the event to a specific number of times per reference.  Just use the new checkbox and enter the number of times per reference you want this to trigger:

Note that this feature is intended for use with Subscribe to All references:

In the example above,  the system will trigger up to 4 emails for the same salesman since this event is by salesman.

Changed programs: NWSMEVTH, SYACTMNT

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