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In Elliott 7 We Are Able to Change Note Type; However It Is Grayed Out in Elliott 8

QIn Elliott 7 we are able to change this Note Type.  However it is grayed out in Elliott 8. Why? See sample screen below for the same note in V7 and V8 and notice the "Type" field is grayed out in V8:

AV8 brings significant improvements to notes. This includes the continuous notes (no 10-line per note limitation); the ability to copy/paste the entire note…etc. While we try to keep the notes between V7.5 and V8 compatible at the database level, there’s some difficulty in keeping the functionality totally identical. The V8 note type change rule is simply that any existing note that is a tickler or has a note type with at least one label is not eligible for a note type change.

To explain the reason why we stopped changing note type under these circumstance in V8, let's use the situation above as an example.  Note type CONTAC prompts for:

  • Name: Edward M. Kwang 
  • Title: President 
  • Phone Number: 909-598-9019 x 101 
  • ....etc.

Let's say another note type CONTA2 asks for:

  • Name: 
  • Phone Number: 
  • Title:
  • .....etc.

So if you change this note from note type CONTAC to CONTA2, now this note will be displayed as:

  • Name: Edward Kwang 
  • Phone Number: President
  • Title: 909-598-6260 
  • ....etc.

In V7.5 we allowed this to happen. On the other hand, this is certainly a problem, so we stopped this behavior in V8.


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