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Feature - Add Acct Name to ACH Account Detail Screen

Release Date: 08/17/2016

The Elliott ACH feature allows users to make direct debits to their customers' bank accounts through ACH transactions.  To know more about this feature, please see the following Knowledge Base article:

An issue was brought up by a user regarding ACH. When a customer has a name on their bank account that differs from their billing name, the bank ends up rejecting those ACH transactions occasionally. 

With this feature, we allow users to enter an "Acct Name" in the ACH Account Detail window.  See sample screen below:

If users leave the "Acct Name" blank, the system will use the customer or ship-to name when creating a NACHA file.  If users enter a name into the "Acct Name" field, then the "Acct Name" will override the customer or ship-to name when creating a NACHA file.  The NACHA file creation journal will show both the Customer/Ship-To, and the Acct Name if not blank.

The maximum length of for the "Acct Name" is 16 digits per NACHA file specification.

Modified Programs: SYACHDTL, ARACHJNL

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