Feature - Sales Order Import To Warn If Sales or Weight Greater Than Certain Value

Release Date: 8/23/16

This features gives the user the ability to print a warning message on the Sales Order Import Pre-Interface List or Interface List if the Order Total Sales Amount is greater than a certain value or if the Order Total Weight is greater than a certain value. This could be used in the following circumstances:

(1)    If the order total weight is greater than a certain value, then it should be shipped via a different shipping method instead of the default shipping method. It is difficult for the EDI mapping software to calculate the total weight of the order and change the ship via automatically. Therefore, the sales order import application will check for this condition. If the total weight is greater than a certain value, the user will receive a warning message. Then the user can change the order ship via manually after the sales order is imported.

(2)    Some customers may negotiate special deals. For example, if the sales order amount is greater than $1,000 then the order should ship for free. Free freight is determined by the order freight pay code. For the same reason as listed above, our EDI software has difficulty in determining the total order sales amount. Therefore, the sales order import application will check for this condition. When the order amount is > 1,000, a warning message will print. Then the user can bring up the sales order after importing and change the order freight pay code accordingly.

To enable this feature, two new fields have been added to the the customer EDI Profile. This can be accessed by going to Customer File Maintenance, special function, EDI Profile Maintenance screen 5. 

                64. SO Import – Warn if Order Total Sales Amt >= ?

                65. SO Import – Warning if Order Total Weight >= ?

The default value is zero, which means this feature is not enabled. If this value is not zero, then during COP Sales Order Import, the application will check if the total sales amount or total weight is greater than the value specified. If yes, a warning message will print at the end of the order stating: 

“Order Total Sales Amount >= 9,999,999” 


“Order Total Weight >= 999,999”



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