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Can I Use Elliott for Sales, Telemarketing and CRM Purposes?

Q - I am trying to figure out if I can use Elliott for our telemarketing efforts. I want a database to enter my customer's name, address, contact person, phone #, email, and other info. I want to be able to type in details of a phone conversation, and be able to pull that up at a later date,  then also be able to export names, addresses, etc. for mailers.

Does Elliott offer a module that does that? Suggestions?

A - The answer is yes. There are a lot of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features in Elliott Business Software. Even though there are separate CRM software products on the market that specifically target your scenario. But if you have not used the eContact feature in Elliott before, I would suggest that you explore that feature further before you consider a separate CRM solution.

Generally speaking, you will find that the following areas in Elliott are relevant to your CRM needs:

  1. Elliott’s eContact feature.
  2. Mass E-Mail (for mass email, exporting contact records, initiating marketing campaigns).
  3. Global eContact (it’s a contact manager).
  4. Each eContact can have notes, attributes, and links. You can also view their orders and invoice history.
  5. Notes can be used to record the conversation.
  6. A tickler is another type of note that can be used to remind you to follow up with your contacts or customers.
  7. Attributes can be used to record additional database information.
  8. Links are used to link to related external documents, including URLs. For example, you can save your customer websites in the link; you can link to the signed customer contract, agreement in PDF (or other format)…etc. 
  9. Business documents like Sales Quotes, Order Acknowledgements, Invoices, and Shipping Confirmations can be emailed to your customers.  Search for the PDF PostOffice feature at https:/ for more details.

Please look at our Elliott System Manager documentation for more information on eContacts, Mass Emails, Notes, Ticklers, Attributes and Links.  Generally speaking, you can find Elliott System Manager documents in your <ElliottRoot>\DOC folder.  In additional, you can search at  our support portal for the most up-to-date information regarding these features. It will help to give us a call so we can provide you with an overall introduction to Elliott CRM features. 


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