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How Does Elliott Determine Sales Tax Codes?

Release Date: 08/24/2018

QI’m noticing that some of the cities in Elliott are not populating the correct tax codes. In the screenshot below, Elliott is prompting me to add tax code WN4- but this city should not have that code. The correct codes for this zip code are WA and WVT. How does Elliott determine the tax codes for each zip code? Is there a place to do that? 

AGenerally speaking, we support three types of sales tax code: State (Tax Code 1), County (Tax Code 2) and City (Tax Code 3). A location can have 1 sales tax code, 2 or 3. In this case, we determine the sales tax for this ship-to by first looking at the following:
                State                   WA
                Zip Code             98201
Based on the Zip Code table (System Utilities -> Zip Code File), this zip code corresponds to the following City and County:
                City: Everett
                County: (53061) Snohomish County
See sample screen below:

If you go to A/R -> Maintenance -> State Table File, you will find state WA uses the sales tax code WA.

If you go to A/R -> Maintenance -> County Tax Code File, and bring up county code 53061, you will see that this county corresponds to tax code WN4.

If you go to System Utilities -> System File Setup -> Maintenance -> City File, and bring up the city Everett in WA, you will see the tax code is WVT.

Therefore, the proper sales tax for this ship-to location should be:
                Tax Code 1 = WA
                Tax Code 2 = WN4
                Tax Code 3 = WVT
Your current setup is:
                Tax Code 1 = WA
                Tax Code 2 = WVT

So the system was trying to warn you that the tax code 2 should be the county tax code WN4. If you answer “Y,” it will also prompt you to change the Tax Code 3 to WVT.

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