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Invalid Tran Counter [99...99] with POINT Interface When Charging a Credit Card

Release Date: 6/20/19
Version 8.5

Q: I received the following error when processing credit card transactions on a POINT POS device:
   Invalid Tran Counter [194]
See sample screen below:

What do I do?

A: Typically, when you receive an error like this, it means the counter in Elliott Business Software for the device is not in sync with the POS POINT device counter. This can happen for various different reasons. Typically, it is due to an unhandled error of a previous credit card transaction that has caused the counter to become mismatched.  To solve this problem, the easiest way is to unregister this credit device and register it again.  Make sure you exit out of Elliott and come back again to make sure nothing in the memory retains the old counter. Please refer to the following article on how to unregister and register a POS POINT device:

The following is another example that you may get if you don't exit out of Elliott entirely after you unregister and register the device again:
   MAC Label [P_823] does not exist

This error is because the old device [P_823] value is still retained in Elliott memory. Exiting out of Elliott and coming back in again will resolve the memory caching problem.


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