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How to Ensure Local Elliott Folder Is Up to Date

Release Date: 10/29/2019
Version: 8.5 & Up

Q - When we use Elliott 8.5 on a terminal server, we have the option to install locally for all users per EL850.exe. If we choose that option and pick a folder for the 8.5 install to reside in, is there a way to verify that the 8.5 files get updated when a given user starts the program? (Kind of like what happens with 8.5 when it runs locally on a workstation, where it gives that progress bar indicating that files are being pulled into the program folder due to changes.)

AThe synchronization will take place automatically when you start up Elliott. If it can’t synchronize for some reason, the user will receive an error message. There are three modes we support running Elliott 8.5 in: Run Local, Hybrid and Network. We recommend using the “Run Local” mode. Generally speaking, it is unlikely to receive update conflict errors if you choose to “Run Local.” If you choose the “Hybrid” mode, where multiple users share the same local folder on a terminal server, it is better than “Network" mode, but it is still likely that you will receive update conflict errors. As long as disk space is not an issue, we suggest that you use the Run Local mode. You can assume 300 MB per user with the Run Local mode. So a terminal server of 20 users will take 6 GB of disk space in local profile folders.

In addition to avoid running in the “Hybrid” or “Network” mode, some other factors may cause the local folders to not get synchronized.

One common scenario is that your users don’t logout of Elliott overnight. This problem is typical when using the deferred processing function, since it is often left on in the autopilot mode. So after updating Elliott 8.5 on your server, please make sure to also stop and restart deferred processing to ensure that it is running with the latest updates. You should see a progress bar when the update is taking place.

In addition to deferred processing, how do you know if your users logout at nighttime? We do have a report available in Elliott System Utilities -> Password Setup -> List -> Active User Report. You can schedule to run this report with deferred processing at nighttime so you can see who is not logging out and have a conversation with them on how important it is to logout overnight. You can also optionally send an email to them when you run this report. See the following KB article:  

So to ensure that the local Elliott folder is up to date, we recommend the following:
  1. Use the Run Local mode.
  2. Make sure deferred processing stops and starts after the Elliott update.
  3. Make sure your users logout overnight. Run the Active User Report in deferred processing at night to help.
Then as long as your users don’t get a start-up synchronization error message, you can assume your users’ local copy is up to date. 


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