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Why Are Document Notes Disabled in Many Areas While Enabled in Others?

Release Date: 02/22/21
Version: 8.6 & Up

Q - In Elliott V8.6, there's a new feature called "Document Notes." It is enabled when the user gets into an Elliott task before bringing up any records that enable the Notes feature.  For example, in Customer File Inquiry, before entering any customer number, you can see that the Document Notes toolbar button is enabled (hot red color.) See sample screen below:

Then when you click on it, you will see the available document notes associate with "Customer File Maintenance" (i.e. ARCUSMNT which is the Help-ID/Task Name). See sample screen below:

However, when I go other areas in Elliott, like for example "Vendor File Inquiry," the Document Notes icon is disabled. See sample screen below:

Why? Does this mean the Documents Noes feature is not implemented in all areas of Elliott 8.6?

A - The Elliott 8.6 Document Notes feature is disabled under the following two conditions:
  1. You are not a Document Notes supervisor; and
  2. There is no document note created in the system for the particular Help-ID/Task Name.
1. You are not a Document Notes supervisor.
If  you go to Global Setup -> System -> Comp. Specialized Control -> Chang -> "4. Can All Users Create Document Notes (8.6 & up)? and the value is "N," and you are not one of the Document Notes SUPERVISORs in the popup window, then you will not be able to create document notes. See sample screen below:

2. There is no Document Note created for the Help-ID
In your example, you are not one of the Document Notes SUPERVISORs.  In the Customer File Inquiry, there are existing Document Notes defined already and, therefore, the corresponding button is enabled and "hot."  On the other hand, there are no Document Notes defined for Vendor File Inquiry, so the corresponding button is disabled because you don't have the privilege required to add Document Notes.

On the other hand, if you are a Documents Notes SUPERVISOR, or the Global Setup flag was set to "Y," then you should see the Document Notes feature enabled in all areas even if there are no Document Notes created. See sample screen below:

As you can see, the color of the button is not red, which implies the feature is enabled but there are no available Document Notes defined.

For more detailed information on Document Notes, please refer to the following Knowledge Base article:


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