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Provide Support through Microsoft Quick Assist

Release Date: 07/14/2021

Quick Assist is available in Microsoft Windows 10 & above. You can use it to access a client's desktop to help resolve problems. The client needs to bring up Quick Assist on their Windows 10 workstation first.  For the client side of the operation, please see the following KB article:

To assist the client, we also need to bring up Quick Assist on our side (on the Windows 10 Workstation) using the following procedure:

1. Launch Quick Assist

Quick Assist is available in Windows 10. To launch it, go to the bottom right corner and search "Quick Assist." See sample screen below:

2. Choose "Give Assistance"

In Quick Assist, choose to "Give assistance" by clicking on the "Assist another person" button. See sample screen below:

3. Share Security Code with Client

In your Quick Assist screen, you will see the security code. Please provide that security code to the person you are assisting and ask he/she to enter on his/her Quick Assist window and click the"Share Screen" button.

3. Take Control & Ask Your Client to "Allow" You to Share their Screen

Once your client enters the security code and chooses to "Share," you can expect the following screen to show up. You should choose "Take full control" and click on "Continue."

On your client's side, a window will appear asking if they wish to allow share their screen. Ask them to click on "Allow."

4. You Now Have Control of the Client's Monitors

You should see something similar to the following. If your client have multiple screens, you will see all of them by default, which make each screen very small and hard to see. You can use the "Monitor" button on the top to see only that screen, which will make it easier  to read.


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