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Feature - 2021 1099-NEC Support

Release Date: 11/24/21

Version: 8.5 and Above

The 2021 1099-NEC form has been resized. The height of the form has been reduced so it can accommodate three forms on a page. Also, the layout of the laser forms for Copy A and Copy B are slightly different. Copy A only accommodates one address line for the recipient.

Due to the layout changes, it is necessary to use a laser form template when printing the 1099-NEC forms. The 1099-NEC laser form template is provided when updates are installed. To install the template, please refer to the following KB article:

Once you complete the above step, you can go to Accounts Payable -> Processing -> Print/Create 1099 Forms -> Print -> Print 1099 NEC Forms. In the print option window. Click "Options..." button. See sample screen below:

In the Appearance Options window, Choose the 1099-NEC 2021 form template and click OK.

The application will ask the user if they want to print an alignment form. 

Print Alignment - Answer Y or N. If Y, the application will prompt the user for the form layout to be printed for the alignment.
Which Copy (A/B/C/1) - Enter A, B, or press Esc to exit the window. 

General speaking, your can order 1099 NEC forms with 2 different options:

  • 3 Copies – Copy A, B & C
  • 4 Copies – Copy A, B, C & 1

Please be aware that Copy A is for IRS which only give enough space for one address line.  Copy B, C and 1 is for recipients, state or internal copy. They have a different format from Copy A and don't have the one address line limitation.

3 Copies Scenario

  • Copy A is for IRS
  • Copy B is for Recipients
  • Copy C is for Payer and/or State Copy 1 or Copy 2

4 Copies Scenario

  • Copy A is for IRS
  • Copy B is for Recipients
  • Copy C is for Payer
  • Copy 1 is for State Tax Department

The following is a sample link where you can order 2021 1099-NEC 4 copies forms.  Please evaluate the number of copies for 1099-NEC forms you will need and order accordingly:

The application will prompt the user to mount the appropriate form for the alignment depending upon the answer given to the previous prompt.

Once you enter the Payer's Information and the 1099 selection criteria, you will be asked which copy of the 1099-NEC form you wish to print.

Print Which 1099-NEC Copy - Enter A, B, or press Esc to exit the window and go back to field 7 to print for a different set of selection criteria.

Once you choose a form to print, you will be asked to mount that form on the printer and type DONE when ready to print.

Continue this process until all forms have been printed.

1099-NEC Copy A Form:

1099-NEC Copy B Forms

Programs Modified: AP21P1N

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