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Feature - PO Export by Vendor Event

Release Date: 01/21/22
Version: 8.5 & Up

A new event called "PO Export by Vendor" has been added so users can subscribe and receive notification when a PO is exported, which implies the PO will go through the EDI channel to reach the vendor.  To subscribe to this event, you can go to Vendor File Maintenance or Inquiry.  Bring up any vendor and click on the Event button on the tool bar.  Then press F5 to subscribe. Choose "PO Export by Vendor" from the list. See sample screen:

This event supports the following variables:
  1. Vendor No 
  2. Vendor Name
  3. PO Number - 8 digits (including the release number)
  4. Ship-To - Ship-to name
  5. New Change Cancel - Possible values are NEW, CHANGE & CANCEL depending on the PO status.
  6. Terms Description:
  7. Export File Path
  8. Error Message 1: If there's an error with export, then you should see the error message here. But if you have a file IO error, you should see the file IO error window. In that case, since the program has crashed already, there won't be an event triggered.
  9. Error Message 2: If there's an item level error, you may see it in Error Message 2.

See sample screen below:

The following is a sample email about this event:

This feature is related to the following KB article:

Modified Programs: POEXPPO


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