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Error 199 Operating System Error Code Lies Outside Expected Range

Release Date:
Version: 7.x & Up

An Elliott reseller reported one of his users received an IO error message:

Btrieve Error 199 on CPORDHDR AR Control File (32-Bit)
199 Operating System Error Code Lies Outside Expected Range 

with the following file IO error window:

Below is our initial response to the reseller about this issue:

This is the first time we've see error 199. While we can’t be sure exactly what happened because the error code is vague, but I can give you my speculation.

  1. The actual error is on ARCTLFIL.DAT, not CPORDHDR.BTR. Our system codes have some deficiency in reporting the error when it is on the DAT file, which causes the message to be confusing.
  2. Elliott is trying to access (read or update) ARCTLFIL.DAT, which contains the invoice counter.
  3. It ran into an error. The error reported by the OS to our runtime system is unexpected, and hence the error 199.

If I were to hazard a guess, it might be due to a file locking issue. If you can go to the server console and find out who was opening the ARCTLFIL.DAT file, that might give you more of a clue. Use the following KB article to help:

Ten days later, the reseller reported that the issue was resolved due to "Windows is not registered."  Here is the message from the reseller:

After getting this message user received a message that “Windows is not registered”… The network team ran a full system check including SFC that resolved the windows message and the Elliott error messages. I believe that another user also received this message about 2 years ago and ended up being a bad windows password. Conclusion on Error 199 to my opinion is that this is a system error that can be fixed by checking the system or user password.


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