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Elliott Security Warning Message When Running Over the Network

Release Date: 04/05/2024
Version: 8.x & Up

Q - One of my users received the following error today when she tried to access spooled reports. Could you advise what may have caused this?
 Open File - Security Warning
    We can't verify who created this file. Are you sure you want to run this file?
        Name: M:\proforce\bin\EL800RV.Exe
        Type: Application
        From: M:\proforce\bin\EL800RV.Exe

A - The message shows your user is still running Elliott 8.2 from the network path (M:\proforce\bin\EL800RV.Exe). You can ask her to choose “Run” to continue for now. The latest Windows security model is not to trust any EXE running over a network path. I think that is the root cause for the message.

This is one of the reasons why in Elliott 8.5 and up, by default we run from the local path to avoid the network path security issue. Can you convert your user to run local with Elliott 8.5 and up then try again? See the following KB article for more details:

If you need more help with converting your user to run Elliott 8.5 and up, you can speak to your IT. Otherwise, you can speak to our support department as well.


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