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Feature - Mass Billing by CSV Multi-Bin Support

Release Date: 5/28/24
Version: 8.5 and Above

Currently when a user chooses COP -> Billing Selection ->  Mass-billing -> by CSV File and the multi-bin enhancement is enabled, the user will receive the error message "Multi-bin is not supported with this feature." This change adds multi-bin support to the Mass Billing application.

When the user chooses the Mass Billing by CSV option, the user is presented with three menu options: Pre-Interface, Interface, and Layout. The bin number is supported in column H of the CSV import file:

The following are the possible error messages related to changes for multi-bin support:
Bin No Size Exceeds Maximum Length of 8
Bin No Must Provided For Non-Serialized Item
Bin Inventory Record Locked At Another Workstation
Order On Staging Batch - Process Through Shipping Verification
Shipping Bin Not On File
Order Location Not On File
Invalid Write to Bin Work File

3PL/WMS Specific Messages:
Bin No Should Default Staging Bin No
Pick Ticket Cancelled - Order Cannot Be Billed

Total Line CSV Qty > Qty Available in this Bin
Item CSV Qty > Qty Available in this Bin
Location Not Multi-Bin. Bin No Ignored

The Pre-Interface output prints the detail information from the CSV import file. A bin number column has been added to the report.

The interface output includes the bin number in the CSV line print area.

3PL/WMS Support

If the third party WMS interface is enabled, this application works in conjunction with the WMS Inventory Move Import. This application will check if the inventory has previously been moved to the staging bin. If true, then the inventory is expected to be transferred from the STAGING bin (per Global Setup) to the Shipping bin as defined in the location file. However, if the picking ticket has been cancelled, the order cannot be billed through this application. If the inventory was not previously moved to the STAGING bin, the bin number should be provided through the CSV fileespecially if it is a non-serialized item. This is considered a one-step processing where inventory is directly transferred from the stocking bin to the shipping bin.

See the following for further information on some of the features of the Mass Billing by CSV application:

Programs Modified: CP0300, CPSELIMP.PL, CPMASBWK.FD

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