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Does Elliott Support Windows 10?

Q - Does Elliott support Windows 10?

A - With the latest Elliott version, we do support Windows OS 10.  We suggest that you first update to the latest relevant Elliott version.  There are a few issues you should pay attention to when upgrading to Windows 10.  Some of the issues discussed in this article are also related to Windows 8.

(1) PSQL Version
Elliott requires PSQL client to run.  With older versions of PSQL, you will have difficulty installing the PSQL client on the Windows 10 machine.  Generally speaking, you need PSQL 11 and higher to run on a Windows 10 machine.  There are reported incidents that the earlier PSQL 11 SP client or workgroup engine have problems installing on Windows 10 OS.  Therefore, you should download the latest version of PSQL 11 SP3 client to install with Windows 10 workstation.

(2) Dot Matrix Printer Support
Elliott supports dot matrix printers.  It is becoming more difficult to print to dot matrix printers with Windows 10 because the "raw data pass through" method doe not work after Windows 8 OS.  See the following Knowledge Base article on how to get a dot matrix printer to work on Windows 8 or Windows 10 OS:

(3) POS (Point of Sales) Devices Support
In Elliott, the point of sales (POS) devices, like cash drawer or display pole, are supported through the LPT and COM port.  Since Windows 8, the direct access to these devices are disabled by the Windows operating system. Therefore, if you are using these kinds of POS devices, either you can't upgrade to Windows 10, or you'll need to find an alternative solution.

(4) Last Print Job Override
In Windows 10, by default, the last printer you print to will become your default printer.  This often causes confusion with Elliott users when they try to print the report.  You can disable this feature in Windows 10.  See the following Knowledge Base article:

(5) Anti-Virus Issue
There are various reported antivirus issues on Windows 10 that can cause problems for Elliott.  These issues may not be relevant with the latest anti-virus update. We are providing for your information only the following Knowledge Base articles:


(6) Windows User Naming Issue
Elliott requires disk volume with 8dot3 support.  With the introduction of Windows 8 and higher operating systems, the 8dot3 is still supported with Volume C, but it is turned off by default with Volume D and higher.  If your Windows user profile does not reside on Volume C, then this can be a potential issue.  See the following Knowledge Base article for details:


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