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Avalara - Tax Queue

Release Date: 4/28/23
Version: 8.6 and Above

The tax queue application is designed to capture all of the tax transactions processed through Customer Order Processing to prepare them to be committed through the AvaTax Service. This new application is available under System Utilities-> Avalara/Vertex Interface -> Processing-> Tax Queue with the following options:


Review Tax Queue – This application shows a list of the transactions in the queue to be processed. A reconciliation status will show which transactions failed calculation and were estimated using a combined tax rate from the Avalara Zip Tax File (AVZIPTAX).

Review Tax History - This application shows the batches of transactions that have been successfully committed using the AvaTax service. Drill downs are available to the individual invoices posted in each batch.


Tax Commit Edit List -  The Tax Commit Edit List shows the list of transactions to be committed to Avalara using the AvaTax Service.

Commit Tax TransactionPosting Invoices to Accounts Receivable does not communicate with Avalara to commit the transaction. This is to avoid a crash in invoice posting if the application is unable to communicate with Avalara. Instead, the invoice posting application posts the tax transactions to the new Avalara Tax Queue file (AVTAXQUE). The Commit Tax Transactions application commits the transaction to Avalara in a separate step and can be scheduled through deferred processing after invoice posting has completed.

Tax Reconciliation ReportThe Tax Reconciliation Report shows all of the committed tax transactions that occurred during a specific time period. The report has the option to only show transactions where there is a discrepancy between the estimated tax amount and the actual calculated tax amount.


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